Impaired episodic memory in PTSD patients A meta-analysis of 47 studies PMC


Thus, researchers must be cautious and account for factors other than alcohol that might contribute to blackouts. There’s more than a century of research into this condition, and experts can now diagnose it and offer treatment options. That means there’s hope for you to regain your memories and recover from trauma or manage its effects. ptsd alcohol blackout Dissociative amnesia often happens because of very traumatic experiences, including abuse, war and natural disasters. People with dissociative amnesia have an increased risk of self-harm or suicidal behaviors. In the final set of analyses, we tested whether segmentation mediated the relationship between PTSD and memory.

Study Characteristics

Here’s why you might ‘black out’ when you’re anxious – Global News

Here’s why you might ‘black out’ when you’re anxious.

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Individuals affected by PTSD experience a reduction of up to 8% in the size of their hippocampus from its original dimensions. The deterioration of the hippocampus contributes to memory impairment, leading to heightened anxiety, flashbacks, and fragmented recollections of the past. The good news, however, is that this change isn’t permanent, as proper treatment can facilitate the restoration of the hippocampus. Memory loss and PTSD are also thought to be linked to cognitive impairment. Being unable to remember the events before, after, or during traumatic events is typically thought of as the primary form of memory loss present in PTSD, but ongoing memory loss is also common. People with PTSD have reported experiencing difficulty concentrating and remembering information and events wholly unrelated to the traumatic event itself.

Revolutionizing PTSD Treatment: The Promise of MDMA-Assisted Therapy

Despite the increase in research on and our understanding of alcohol-induced blackouts, additional rigorous research is still needed. Studies examining potential genetic and environmental influences, as well as their interactions, are clearly warranted given recent research findings of Marino and Fromme (2015). Sex differences in alcohol-induced blackouts are another area in need of study. These inconsistent findings could be due in part to methodological differences across research studies and assessment of alcohol-induced blackouts, and future studies should address this issue. Previous studies suggest that reminders of one’s trauma using video or auditory paradigms transiently increases arousal, stress response, and symptoms of PTSD, particularly arousal and re-experiencing symptoms (McNally et al., 1994; Rauch et al., 1996).

Prioritize sleep

So can childhood sexual abuse, something girls are much more likely to experience than boys. You’ve often experienced your surroundings as if they’re unreal or from a dream (disconnection from environment). You feel detached from your body, as if you’re an outside observer of your own experiences (disconnection from self). Avoidance can also mean staying away from people in general — not just the ones connected with the event.

But it’s not clear exactly why some people develop the condition and others don’t. Areas of the brain crucial for memory processing, such as the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex, and amygdala, can be affected by PTSD, as they’re affected by the stress response and may mediate changes in memory. In studies that report test data for both trauma-exposed and non-traumatized control groups, combined sample sizes, mean values and standard deviations were calculated (65), which were then used in our meta-analyses that did not differentiate between both groups. This approach avoids that the PTSD group is being entered into the analysis twice with the same values.

ptsd memory loss blackouts

Memory loss affects emotions

ptsd memory loss blackouts

A traumatic experience or incident often triggers PTSD, resulting in a range of psychological, emotional, and physiological symptoms, which disrupt daily life and cause feelings of distress. These symptoms may include recurring flashbacks, ruminating thoughts, nightmares, anxiety or panic attacks, sleep disturbances, mood changes, and avoidance of specific places or situations. The memory loss involved in PTSD is not quite the same as the short-term memory loss and other types of amnesia common to media portrayals of memory loss.

ptsd memory loss blackouts

At Bespoke Treatment, personalized treatment plans are tailored to each patient’s unique needs and objectives. These plans encompass a variety of psychotherapies as well as innovative alternatives like transcranial magnetic stimulation and ketamine therapy. In some cases of PTSD, there’s a possibility of encountering aphasia, a condition characterized by diminished language speaking or comprehension abilities due to brain impairment. This can result in challenges in comprehending spoken language or articulating thoughts verbally.

Episodic memory tests

  • That’s partly because the risk is cumulative, meaning it goes up when a person has more risk factors.
  • Your mind does not know how to react around certain sights, smells, sounds and other sensory factors that remind you of that event.
  • To test the third hypothesis (greater impairments in PTSD in verbal vs. non-verbal memory), the overall effects of all verbal tests were compared with those of all non-verbal tests.
  • On the other hand, it could be possible that deficits in episodic memory, that already existed before the trauma, increase the likelihood of developing PTSD.
  • This effect was significantly stronger for PTSD vs. non-traumatized healthy controls as compared to PTSD vs. traumatized controls without PTSD.
  • By fine-tuning our approach to studying blackouts, we will improve our understanding of alcohol-induced blackouts, and consequently, be better situated to improve prevention strategies.


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